Fifty Shades of Why

New York Times #1 bestseller. Adapted from Twilight fanfiction.
This can't possibly end well.

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Anonymous asked: Would you consider making a word cloud from FSoG, since you have a text version? We could see visually which words are really the most abused in the book. Wordle is a good program.

Ask and ye shall receive, Anon! Here’s a link to the Wordle, in case you’d like to view it bigger.

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Anonymous asked: 1) please marry me because you're amazing and ilu and 2) would u ever consider doing what you're doing to 50SoG to another book like Hunger Games or another hyped-up book?

1) I’m afraid I must turn down your proposal. Thank you for saying I’m amazing, though.

2) I would not. As it happens, I’m about to head to college, and I’m not even sure I’ll have time for this blog. I may start a book review blog/convert this blog to one where I comment on books chapter-by-chapter or all in one post after I finish 50 Shades of Grey.

I can’t keep doing things the way I’m doing them forever, unfortunately. I’ve got a lot on my plate, between college, writing projects, and my upcoming book (see bernoff for more info on that).

I hope this response isn’t too disappointing! I feel like this blog has been particularly negative lately, in part because of where we are in the book and in part because I’ve been more irritable than usual. Hopefully things will improve soon. Thanks for your patience, everyone!

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E.L. establishes the idea of a BDSM contract early on in the book. Both Christian and Ana seem to like the idea of a kidnapping fantasy. If E.L. wanted to write a kinky, plotless smut book, why not have it be about Christian and Ana negotiating edge play/rape play scenes? It could have opened up an interesting dialogue about kink, consent, and sexual taboo, and it wouldn’t have been GROSS and NONCONSENSUAL.

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tayngerous asked: I'm severely tempted to use all of my Northern States upbringing to do a "minnesotan" dramatic reading of choice 50 Shades passages.

OH MY GOD. Please do.

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